Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Here's Something I Wrote Oct 2005. See If Anything I Preached Then Came To Pass...

Da Puppet Will Cry!

I use'ta love my freedom . My freedom to grab a paper , watch TV , work , go to bed & sleep . Sounds boring eh ? Other stuff did happen during my normal day , some good and some bad but mostly mundane. I wouldn't have changed it for the world . Give me a average day and I'll show you a happy man . Lately most days haven't been so average most days have been filled with anger , rage , disbelief & contempt . Things haven't been the same in over 5 years [hmm.. What happened 5 years ago?... Guess ?] In that time my family watched my brother die of cancer , my daughter & nephew diagnosed with diabetes and my wife's father die suddenly . Bad horrible things , but things I or anyone else couldn't have changed . They were inevitable . What makes me mad are the things we , all of us , could have stopped . Iraq , the twin towers ,["yes we could have stopped that by voting in a human instead of a puppet"] and our freedom of speech . We have looked the other way during all of these events . We looked elsewhere when we should have looked within . I know the government was pointing another way! But we should have asked the right questions & searched for our own answers . During the towers I was listening to Howard Stern . He was very calming and throughout his radio cast his message was . "We will overcome this tragedy ". "We'll round up the people involved & justice will be done ". "Believe in our President"! . "He'll hunt down these guys"! "Ohhh OK "!!! "When" ??? During the WMD fiasco President Dumba pointed to Saddam as the man with an axe to grind & access to nukes . "Yaaa right" ! When Janet flashed her "ugly" tittie Dumba's stooge Michael Powell sic'd the FCC on anyone who didn't preach the "Right" agenda . And what did we do... Nothing ! We sat there watching our TV's , reading corporate newspapers , tisk tisking . "Oh what , oh what can I do ". "Well how about getting involved IDIOT"! I was really stuck at what I could do . I had no power or voice . I'm just a schmoe like you . Then I thought I do have a voice & I'm not all that retarded ! Ill protest ! Ok where ? And do I have the time ? Plus I hate the ugly bastards who show up at those event's ! Ahh fuck it ! There must be a way to show I'm alive & not amused at this bullshit . Thus this blog ! It's small but at least I have a voice . In my opinion the media is an "old town gossip" and should be treated as such . Tell it something & seconds later it's a"fact" ! The "right wing" knows this & it's about time we used it the same way . I'm a liberal democrat , [big surprise!] I'm also a socialist , I'm a conservative & I'm a "humanist" . I think we're all like that in some whey or another . A liberal at heart , "live & let live" . A socialist in education & medicine ," we all should have quality health care "! A conservative , when in a fight "win at all costs ", but pick the fights wisely . But most of all a humanist . Let me tell you what a humanist is . A humanist believes in the truth . The truth comes in all kinds of flavors but none of them taste good . The truth always smells bad and is horrific to look at . A humanists job is to expose the truth . We will be sick doing so, but it has to be done . The "news" in the last 2 weeks or so is just the tip of the iceberg with this "scumbag" & his sycophants . We'll all see how we were duped by a moron & his cronies just to steal oil , sell it at inflated prices & set in place a corporate world that's so corrupt that we'll all barf just to think about it . God bless those women & men in the military . Also bless the men, women & children that are being killed . These people are being used as pawns so Dumba can live the life of "Riley". The" fortunate son" will soon be exposed as the "Devil's son" . When truth comes to light look for "chaos" in a form of a plague . This vector is already in place & guaranty you it will be cast when he is exposed . Vice Pres. "Large" Dick , [did you see that picture of that guy what the fuck does this blob got in there a baked ham ? Too bad he can't use it !] has imposed his corrupt evil on the world. But the people will rise up and demand his resignation soon . If you thought Watergate was bad... , wait! This is our burning Rome . We have front row seats to the end of the corporate world . Don't be surprised or afraid of it's swift extinction . Just pray for it !
Sa Again Da Wallycrawler
I think I was right on the mark for most of it. Don't You?
If you want the real truth, things I didn't know then, that I know now...
Watch -----> THIS

8 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

The Phosgene Kid said...
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The Phosgene Kid said...

In most countries this kind of stuff would have people out in the street, but fortunately we have NASCAR to keep the idiots home on their couches.

Time to burn it all down and start over - but first I need to check spelling, then post...

wallycrawler said...

Ya I do that to! Funny!!!

Kid I agree with you, except burn'n it down, of coarse. We all should start again. No government, no boarders, no monetary system...etc...A total system based on resources.

First we have'ta take out the "Kings". Then rebuild.

Rainman said...

Wally your right, the inevitable you have no control over so you can't really worry about it. Sorry about family issues that really sucks.

Tell me why Canadians are the first to bitch about the US and its leaders and policies? Do they not have enough to whine about in their own country or what?

Die Muräne said...

Once more Daddy Crawler was right.
Good work as always!

btw, dats wad I mean:

wallycrawler said...

I never bitch about Americans I spend hours a day talk'n to them.
Love da Yanks! Love da land of da free! Shit if you read my blog it's all about pro America and Canada. Even Pro Europe.

I do have problems with Canadians & Americans kill'n their own economy.

I do have a fuck'n problem with Bush and his cronies, how they destroyed your freedoms and ours, the murders they committed abroad, the handle'n of 9/11, or lack of handle'n it, or the orcastrating of it... I could go on...but I'd bore ya.

But again I'll say again, over and over, I love ya man! And don't get me started about your sister.


Hey D.M. waz up?
You up late to night?

wallycrawler said...

Holy Fuck D.M. is that what you were talk'n about?

OK I have't read about this shit!!!


Tasty said...

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