Friday, December 26, 2008 Day

6 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Ice said...

Pass that girl a cheeseburger~!

wallycrawler said...

hehe Ya!

Couldn't have said it better than myself!

Did ya go out a buy "big purchase" items ta'day!

Ice said...

Sweet F-All!

Firstly, I had our big dinner today, so aside from getting up bright and ugly to put the damn stupid ass bird in the oven, I had tons of prepping and cleaning to do from yesterdays festivities!

Secondly, I don't need a damn thing. We go out every weekend shoppin' and come home with some kind of goodies (although I'm ALL for a good sale) but I couldn't justify needin anything, like ANYTHING!

Well, however, hubby got the Call of Duty World at War game, computer, and said the "video card HAD to be upgraded on our already damn near top of the line PC (one of 2, not to mention the 2 new HP laptops we picked up a couple months ago after I dumped my entire coffee into my old one - yeah, twit - I KNOW!)
...anways, he bought a fantastic video card online through FutureShop for 40 bones. Figured it was easier this way then linin' up at FutureFucks (I hate them)
Card will be here Tuesday!

You ?

Where'd ya go? What'd ya get????(me) LOL

Will email ya with the info ya need!

I'm tired, I need bed!

wallycrawler said...

I got noth'n really except a new 1tg. back-up for my new Dell.

My daughter wanted a Xbox 360 soooo...she got it plus "Rock Band" and 2 other games. She also got a new outfit to wear to "Dirty Dancing" next week. So did da wife.

Some people hate Boxing Day, I love it! I love ta push people around and get away with it!!!

Ice said...

yeah, I don't mind shovin' people around either :)

Had I not had this big ass dinner and wasn't so friggin whipped from the day before I would have been out there with bells on (and heels) pushin' and shovin' with the best of 'em!

Do you think it's called boxing day because it's the day after Christmas and you have so many f'n boxes from all the gifts?... or maybe - because it's the biggest shopping day of the year, and like you said pushin' shovin (boxing gloves) people out of the way?

heheheheahahahahaha, funny!

Ice said...

Hit BestBuy in Newmarket today.
Hubby wanted a new Video card for his Call of Duty game and I wanted a new skin case for my blackberry.

We both got what we wanted... hit WallyWorld(haha, I mean Walmart - shit, don't want to confuse ya!)and then Marks for Chris to get a pair of Sorrell's for snowblowin'.

Speaking of which, your comment about "how many times you been out shovelin' this year neither..." STILL makes me laugh!