Thursday, September 11, 2008

Zeitgeist - The Movie: World Trade Center (Part 1 of 4)

Time To Wake Up People!

Todays The Day!

Wake Up!!!!

4 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Die Muräne said...

False flag operation!

The big joke is, that so many still believe the official story and the lies of the media.

btw: I heard the wife of McCain made a few million dollars by heavy shortselling insurance stocks only a few days before it happened!! true or not...

Die Muräne said...
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Die Muräne said... (sroll down McCainsHidingWarProfits)

Obama or McCain. Pah! There are the same guys in the shadow behind this two puppets.

Anonymous said...

This is from the European New Resistance Website.

Hello and welcome!
It is about time to organize a global resistance. The majority of our western governments has been rendered to marionettes by a cold coup d’état of fascistic neocon-forces.
The fact, that there is something awfully going wrong in many areas of our lives is recognized by more and more people. There is an ongoing reduction of civil rights; there are shortenings of social welfare, a rising cost of living, roaring energy prices and a defense expenditure which is soon reaching the moon – only to mention a few.
Our governments only exist to serve the economical interests of the elite class.
The EU-Constitution – now called „Treaty of Lisbon“– has been accepted by our parliaments without even being aware of the exact content.
In three countries the people were allowed to vote by plebiscite and in those three countries the people voted against the European Union of Millionaires. In the rest of the European countries, the people were not asked at all – although the majority of the inhabitants were against it.
Such decisive questions demand the participation of the people. But in spite of this, they are cutting or at least reducing our civil rights.
But even a legitimate democratic poll is not an obstacle for the elite to continue their neocon-plans, as we have seen not long ago in the Referendum of Ireland.
Those, who do not raise their voice, who do not demonstrate against it on the streets; those, who tolerate this system, are supporting it.
We have to become aware of the situation in which we currently are! Europe is planned to be pulled into an open world-wide war, from which the elites will benefit.
Since decades there is an ongoing secret war, which is conducted by weather-manipulations (especially by using technologies like HAARP and the so-called „Chemtrails“). Watch the skies with your own eyes and you will see it! This subject is to be treated later on, but for now, you can do your own research using the well-known search engines.
It is not about speaking of left or right. It about recognizing, that “left” or „right“ is played by both the same puppeteer; the aim is to keep the people busy with themselves. Right-wing as well as left wing parties and organizations have been infiltrated and used for playing theater just to pull off the attention from really important subjects and events.
Our aim is not the divide, but to unite, to pursue the same, positive goal: To shake off the yoke that has been planted on the people by the elite.

It is not about nationalities and ethnics – for in all countries the elite plays its false game and brings up people against people.
I am speaking about our children’s and grand-children’s future.
Now it is time again: The elites have continued to put their plans of world-government-of-the-rich into realization, and we are now standing at the hell gates of a world-wide economic meltdown with a following world-wide war. This time it may have unforeseen consequences for the whole planet. The only thing that is guaranteed is the survival of the elites – if we continue to let it happen.
Earth has the potential to become a paradise for all mankind – If we all stand up and break free. It is on us to shape this paradise.
I know that these words may sound pathetical – but I also know that the right is on our side. We are walking the way of enlightenment, justice and truth.
We have to stand up and fight with all legitimate means – nonviolently and according to human and international law. We must not let ourselves be blinded and manipulated by the mass-media. We have to stand up against this machinery that wants to further enslave this planet.
Again: We must not use any form of violence. We have to be prepared to bring sacrifices – but all this will be better than letting the elite further play its diabolic game.
But we have to disturb the system – we have to demonstrate, blockade, to go on strike and use all legitimate means of civil disobedience.
We can be sure that there are many sympathizers and supporters within the police, the military, the secret services, the media and in other institutions, who feel like us and who are also waiting for some kind of “initial ignition”. For being a mentally healthy person it cannot be of interest to oppose against common sense and to fight against the obvious: truth and justice.
It is also of importance to protect us against farther lies and false prophets. They will appear, but they will be unmasked. Furthermore we must not allow them to incite ourselves against each other – it is the favorite elitist’s game. Do not get used by them for their aims, be tolerant of every other human being, become a community with one common aim: to break free from this prison.
As long as there is a right to demonstrate, we have to act according to all rules. We have to treat our enemies fair. It will be up to proper courts to judge them – justice for all, so for the enemy, too!

Dear all supporters and fighters for our common aim! From now on we declare Wednesday as our day of civil disobedience! Let’s show these few hundred elitists how many we actually are!

Our Claims:
1. Independent investigation of the 9/11 incidents, as well as the attacks in Madrid and London.

2. Amnesty for the chief witnesses (but not for the wire pullers)

3. Restoration of full sovereignty of all nation states.

4. Rejection of the current European Union construct and the building of a community of states, which has not the economy but people’s needs as its aim.

5. Consequent disarmament and reorganizing of the armies to a defensive state as well as reviving the Geneva and The Hague Conventions plus their ratification.

6. Reduction of the defense industry to a mere compulsory level.

7. Prohibition of trade, production and use as well as all research and work on chemical, biological, nuclear and energy weapons. This also includes similar fatal and non-lethal weaponry as well as automatic working battle systems like UAVs, robotic cannons and turrets.

8. Taming of worldwide enterprises and corporations, decentralization of production in all fields.

9. Worldwide debt relief.

10. Genetics in the field of farming: Prohibition of research, development, trade and cultivation.

11. Pharmaceutical genetics: Prohibition of cloning animals and humans as well as affiliated experiments. Continuation of R&D in the field of genetics for drug development only under strictest conditions.

12. Release of all scientific results and apparatus concerning free energy.

13. Introduction of a welfare income without condition, which hast to correlate to the subsistence level.

14. Abolishment, prohibition and ostracism of interest. Replacement with a monetary system according to the theories of Silvio Gsell.

15. Reform of the educational systems, abolishment of all school- and university fees.

And much more, on which we are going to talk and work together.
You say these are all utopist’s dreams? Well, the current system is much more utopia than our claims and it has successfully proved, that it is not working for the people, but for the elitists and their supporters. All systems and rules are man-made – now it is up to us to make a difference!

And never forget: The police, the military and other people on duty are not our enemies, they belong to us – the elite is our enemy.
To all other, except for the elite, we say:
“We refuse to be enemies”. This saying is from Palestine, and they say that it is able to move worlds!

From now on every Wednesday is our day of protest. Meet on the places in your cities! Our token of recognition is the color yellow. We are many – let’s show off peacefully!

We are the European New Resistance, the hugest peaceful and dangerous movement in the world.

For justice!

Please distribute this text!