Thursday, September 18, 2008

I Can't Believe I Get Paid For This!

This Is My Drive To Work.
I Get Paid To Drive All Over The Northern Ontario Area.
The Views Are Always Fantastic.

I Set My Set My Speed'O At 120K, Sit Back And Listen To Howard Stern.

Wa You Guys Do?
I Was Kind'a Wonder'n That Today. How Many People Drive By The Same Places Day In Day Out?
Do You Ever Miss The Sites That Millions Of Others Spend Thousands To See?

Just A Wonder'n Wally.
Here's Where I Live

Land Developers Are Fite'n Over A Frig'n Marina!

Me? I Just Laugh And Go To The Beach. F'Em!

9 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

I Smile 2 Much said...

Safe to say *your* view's better than mine. Um, unless you're into traffic, congestion, road rage and bumper to bumper to traffic, I mean


Die Muräne said...

Sure! The older I get, the more I enjoy cruising around here in lovely Switzerland :)

it's great

Anonymous said...

Could you dispose of bodies in those wooded areas? Or at least one that is five foot two? And never be found?

Beautiful pictures, Babe.

Anonymous said...

I also drive all over for sales and have often wondered the same thing.

handmaiden said...

It looks pretty where you are. Any place with lots of trees is OK with me.
Of course, I'm always bragging up the beauty of my little part of the continent. If you don't enjoy the scenery where you live, then you ought to move, IMO.

wallycrawler said...

Smiley Gal it is better to drive unencumbered with cars and a great view to be sure. I did that drive you do to many times. I drove into Toronto and hated everyday. Now I feel free again. I just wanted to share that feel'n.


Switzerland eh D.M.? I dunno isn't that place full of mountains with snow covered tops? How do you see the scenery with those things in the way?


OK where ya go now? Anais? Where are you, you , you...
Ya didn't start hang'n out with D.M. did ya? Cause ya can get lost in those mountains!

And your answer to that question is, yup that has happened before. It's usually some guy or gal that didn't pay off the mob in time so they go fer that long ride to "Never-Neverland"!


Hey Rider you came fer the long saunter up north eh?

Great mind do think alike, eh dude?


Handmaiden I've said it before I say it again..."Don't take your pills without guidance" "Unless ya want to go fer a long journey"...

I'm up fer da journey!

Toby said...

I work in the middle of a state forest. Petrifying Springs.

Tasty said...

ur be cuming soooo boring! pictures of nature? whats next shots of the grand kids? get with it old-man! or i will take my business elsewhere! u dont want that do u?

Toby said...