Monday, September 15, 2008

Guess She Didn't See Me Cum'n?

...But I Saw Her!

She jumped right out if front of me. I slowed down, but the car behind me fish-tailed right past us, missing her and me by inches! A smart transport truck driver going the opposite way slowed down enough to let her cross...

This year was a strange year with wildlife on Ontario roadways. Since last year I've witness two accidents with wildlife. Both on the same day! The first accident happened two car lengths in front of me. A transport truck hit a moose at 100kph. The moose completely sheered the front end off the Semi! At first I thought it was a giant blanket. Just float'n threw the air...Until it landed about 40ft. from my car! It was a very, very large cow.

Minutes later up the road, twenty kilometers from Sudbury, a wolf ran across on my left. I barely missed him, only to see him in my rear view get sprayed by a Honda Civic. The Civic's driver didn't have a chance to react to miss him, when she did she over compensated and plowed her car into a snow covered rock face. If this incident happened in spring or summer, the girl drive'n the Honda wouldn't have been coming home. The snow covered embankments saved her from certain death! The Wolf didn't make it back to it's den that night, poor dear!

I've personally had close calls on at lest five occasions with deer. One take'n my daughter to camp in Huntsville, (ironically enough the same area my friend above was from). She thought it was great see'n a deer up so close. All I could think of at the time was, "If this was night she'd be in our lap"!

All I want to say to you is, be careful out there! We're not the only one's using the roadways. And they can severely injure you and your family members. Don't just look straight while drive'n, use your whole line of vision.

Hey they have a families too.

Sa Wally.

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Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful sight that so many of us do not get to see on our daily commutes. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I've always been petrified to hit a deer. I hate hitting any kind of animal. I generally do try to scan the highway when I'm driving. It's the night time when you are pretty helpless to see them.

handmaiden said...

Of course you know that the Deer is the most dangerous animal in North America...more people have been killed by deer then any other animal. It's a good thing that moose didn't land on your car. I few years ago a lady was killed here around when a Semi-truck hit an elk & some how it landed on her windshield. This is the really bad time of year for accidents when deer & elk start their breeding season & they are also coming down out of the hills for water. So far I've been lucky.

The Phosgene Kid said...

We called it bumper hunting in WI. I was working a deer registration station during deer season and had to go out to check out a deer v. volkswagen bug collision. The VW was totaled and the deer walked off into the woods.

I Smile 2 Much said...

I have no personal stories of my own considering my locale. But I've heard some horror stories like some of the other comments here mentioned.

The pictures you took, however, are very damn cool I hafto say : )

wallycrawler said...

I Smile Gal, with the bod on you, foged'abod'it, your neighbours have the best sites anywhere!

Jaguar you on da beach...I rather see your hawt bottom than a deer any day dear.

Anais you had me at hello, you, had, me, at, hello.

Handmaiden your da most dangerous beast in the world, a woman!

That's my Eddie Haskel impersonation.
"Thank you, thank you very much"!

Kid that's a good lesson to teach da young kids! Never buy a VDub! Made in Mexico crap! My good bud drives one and so does his wife. Love them, hate their car! Keeps the economy stale.

"VDub Can't Kill A Deer, But Will Kill You...Financially"!

Thanx Guys For Commenting.

Keep Your Head Up Out There!