Friday, April 04, 2008

Wallycrawler's Movie Picks:

I just came back from see'n Martin Scorsese's "Rolling Stone's" documentary "Shine A Light". And what can I say?

Brilliant! That's what.

Scorsese has masterfully filmed "The Stones" in two concerts at New York's Beacon Theatre and wound the two nights into the best concert film since maybe his "Last Waltz".

Getting up close and personal with Mick and the boys brings back many a memory for this ol'boy.

I've been lucky enough to see The Stones a number of times from the early 70's - present days. And ya know what? I really enjoyed this time as much as the last. You'll see, your really right there in the Beacon with that crowd. Especially if you see it in "IMAX", which we did. Oh did I say I had the pleasure of escorting my 11 year old daughter Stephanie? Well I did and she thought it was a blast!

Some of the moments that are locked in my mind are... : Micks indecisiveness in choosing a set list for Martin. : The look of expressions on Charlie Watts usually expressionless face. :And the emotional moment when Keith gives Buddy Guy his "Gibson" guitar. There are other equally great moments such as the older interviews, the special guests...But I wont ruin it fer ya. Just go, and make sure ya experience it in "IMAX" for the best effects!

Ya know what? Noth'ns changed in thirty odd years: Keith Richards is still the heart and soul of the "Rolling Stones"and Mick Jagger is still the brains and brawn of the "Stones"...

...And Martin Scorsese is the single greatest movie director ever!
Sa Later Da Wallycrawler

3 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Toby said...

Nothing will ever beat the summer of '89 at Alpine Valley. The Dead for a few days, The Who for two more, followed by the Stones for a total of 10 days. My time line is vague.

Toby said...

"If you remember it, you weren't there." ;-)

wallycrawler said...

I had a year like that too!

In 1976 I saw "The Stones" twice, "The Who" twice, "Bowie" in seats so close ya could touch him...etc...and "Pink Floyd" at the famous Iver Wynn stadium gig!

That was a year I don't remember!

I read something lately I didn't know?

"The Rolling Stones" have the largest reportage of music in the history of music. Recordings, written material, video archives...
Thought that was interesting, that's all.