Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Daughter's Fun!

Steph and a Albino Burmese Python.

She's swam with sharks, sting rays, dolphins...Rode elephants, horses...
She's now on her way it get'n her blue belt in Mixed Martial Arts/Muay Thai and Kempo Karate...
And she's a laugh riot.

Today as I was park'n my winter beater 98 Chevy Blazer in a parking space, some fuck'n witch tried to cut into the space with her Volvo waggon. I looked at her and mouthed the words through the wind shield , "Wa ya do'n"?
She glared back at me and mouthed back, "I was here first"!
It was obvious she was nutz!
So I thought to myself, "self what should'ya do here"?
Steph was half smile'n know'n what I was gonna do.
"Hey Lady I Just Put Da Truck In 4 Wheel Low & I'm Gonna Drive Over Your Hood"!
I didn't think Steph thought I'd do it, but I did put the vehicle in gear and 4 wheel low and inched closer. "Daddy don't"!
I laughed so hard as she sank into her seat and down to the floor on the truck in embarrassment.
I said "I'm not gonna do it, but that lady is a pure witch and needs to learn a lesson".
I parked the car half way in the spot. She went crazy! And the more she got offside the more we laughed at her. After about 10 minutes she gave up and took the space beside me. Not until she gave me the finger and told me to fuckoff a dozen or more times! Oh did I tell ya she had a 3 or 4 year old daughter in the back? The really funny thing was when I got out'a my SUV. She and I finally met face to face.

I smiled the smile of a devil and said, "Have a nice day".

We had a good day. Steph played with snakes and I taught her to not back down to yuppies.

Sa Later Wally.

19 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Toby said...

Great pics! Great choice of sounds!

My bro still needs a kidney.

wallycrawler said...

Fuck man that sux shit!

Sorry 'bout that.

I just wish there was someone that could help your brother. Maybe with the new administration they'll finally open up the health care system in the U.S. and people like your brother would never have'ta worry about fail'n health. It would taken care of with no expense to him or any other person. We should all take care of each other in that way. At lest that's what I think and so does most of my countrymen.

God Bless Your Brother Toby and Hopefully There's A Good Solution In His Future!

Toby in one of the pictures of my daughter you'll kind'a see her pump on her hip. That pump is a pure "God Send". Unfortuatly it maybe to late to be any good for your brother? Maybe it would? Check it out bud.
Sa Wally

wisdomstuff said...

Wally, you are too much. I can only imagine how horrified your daughter was. And ALL yuppies aren't bad. Glad you had a good laugh over the whole thing, you can never laugh too much.

wallycrawler said...

She thought is was just another day with Dad.
I'll give ya fits if ya can't take a joke or ya have a thin skin. She can do both. Steph's not afraid to tell me when she thinks I'm wrong. And she did tell me that I shouldn't have acted that way, but she was laugh'n with me at that witch, so kind'a doesn't fly.

And I never really argued with ya before Hawt-Owl, but all yuppies are bad! They all should and will die. So sayeth da Crawler.

wisdomstuff said...

Wally, sounds like someone is being closed-minded. Surely there is at least one nice, worthwhile yuppie out there. Maybe you just haven't run across them yet :-) And no, I didn't mean over them.

wallycrawler said...

Are you say'n u'r a yupster!

If that's it? Then OK! I know at lest one! And A Hawt One Too!!!

wallycrawler said...

Hey did'cha notice Wise-Gal? In the last post Toby agreed with ya?

Kind'a brought a tear ta my eye, it did!

Tasty said...

oh ste. i mean wally, your such a little lair. u have so much respect 4 women u would never be so mean! i remember that 1 nite at hooters when there was a domestic & you stepped in and saved that young girl. that boy was fucking large! u even bought that loser a beer after. your a drama boy thats all. your little girl is so cute.

wisdomstuff said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wisdomstuff said...

Wally, who? Sorry, that name just doesn't sound familiar in the least to me, unless you are referring to McGuire and I don't think he'd be agreeing with me as we don't know each other.

And actually, if I had to guess, there was no agreeing, it was more mocking but I'm glad it got ya worked up.

And no Wally, I am not a yupster, not by any means I'm just guessing that ALL can't be bad. There is always one in any given group.

The Phosgene Kid said...

The kid in her car is going to be totally screwed up. You have to wonder if your truck would have made it up over her hood, though - guess we'll never know for sure.

Toby said...

Are you on a hunt for Maddy?

Toby said...

wallycrawler said...

I took the pics of my daughter down. Sorry!

Thanx Toby I'll think I'll post that. lol

Ice said...

Ick, I hate snakes!

Ice said...

Hey, as per your "Stones" post... I saw them at Skydome, yes SKYDOME, in 2003... *AWESOME* show!!! They still rock that stage, age hasn't stopped them one bit!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Those albino pythons are really good fried in a little butter

Toby said...

Sorry, I was distracted. My bro has been on the pump for at least the last two years. He loves it! As for being too late, his kidneys are the ones too late. All is good though. When he needs it (one) his wife is doing it. She's a match in more ways than till death do us part.

wallycrawler said...

Sorry busy for awhile.