Friday, August 31, 2007

Was Diana Murdered? Duh...

OK Why Was She Assassinated?

That's An Easy Question.
The Hard Question Is?
Why Wasn't She Killed Way Before?
The Royal Family Have A Huge
Lineage Of Murders.
Most For A Lot Less Reasons!
This Family Isn't Shy Of Kill'n
Anything Or Anybody,
Especially "It's Own"!

Reason #1
Diana's Popularity Outshone
"Her Royal Majesty Da Queen".
Pure Vicious Jealousy
She Hated That Diana Was
More Loved Than Herself.
The Queen Believes She Has
A Divine Birth Right.
That She By Birth Is
"God's Direct Decedent".
Her Ego Was And Still Is
Shattered By Diana's
She Couldn't Understand It Then.
She Can't Today!
"Queen Elizabeth Hated Diana"!

Reason #2
Harry Isn't Charles's Son!
He Is The Son Of James Hewitt.
If Ya Don't Think So Your F'n Blind!

"Da Jolly Ol'Twit" Could Never
Handle That His Second Born
Isn't His, But That Of A Ol'Chum!
Never Mind That He Prefers
"Da Company Of Men".

Diana And Charlie Shared That Preference.

Reason #3

Di And Dodi el-Fayed Were Gonna
Announce Their Engagement.
This Comes From A Good Source
Dodi's Father Mohammed.

She Was Pregnant! This News Was Too Much For "The Queen" To Handle. She Could Never Have Mixed Blood In The Lineage.

aND DaTZ dA TrUth

Da Wallycrawler.

7 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Chicky Pea said...

Wally, where do you get the inside scoop on these things? I always knew that Harry didn't look like Charles but never realized how much he looked like the other dude.

I was very saddened when Diana died. I believe it was a month after JFK jr. died, I could have that wrong but I don't think so. In my mind both events were very tragic and two great people were lost.

Diana was very likeable. You felt like you knew her. I guess I can't imagine not liking her.

wallycrawler said...

That ol'hag off'd her!

She all but accused "Little Charlie Simpleton" of be'n a closet fag on her last interview.
She also said she shared a bed with others. Now that's pretty reveal'n. Now put in the fact of her take'n off and marrying a Arab...Oh she was soo dead!

The Phosgene Kid said...

It's good to be the Queen!!!

concerned citizen said...

L>T here
I think it was just what it was, an accident. People are dying in car wrecks every few minutes, I imagine.

It was just so common...

Die Muräne said...

Scientology was behind it

tkkerouac said...

That last photo of the queen...
she has such cold eyes
My X mother in law was her double, right down to the mannerisms

I think the public preferred Diana because she was the "peoples princess"
she was warm and approachable, genuine
nothing like the Royals who were cold and anal
it was refreshing to have Diana join the Royal family
who couldn't stand the fact that the public preferred her style and warmth and beauty to
boring and ugly

wallycrawler said...

The convenience of Princess Diana's death was "maybe" an accident. I don't think so! But maybe. The facts will soon come to light by the end of this month. If they come, "to a fact", that she wasn't "taken care of" I'll recant everything I've write'n (except the Harry part, he is the son on James Hewitt) I promise!

Something tells me I wont have'ta though. Da Wallycrawler will be proven right , once again!


Once again Tracey da Minx sez it as she sees it.
I picked that picture because the Queen actually chose that ugly shot of her as an "official" photograph! Who would pick a picture that so horribly shows themselves as cold, steely eyed, and as unfriendly as that picture depicts her to be? Da Queen dats who!