Sunday, August 19, 2007

So Where Was I When I Was So Rudely Interrupted By Summer?

I have a lot to say about trading with China. How our pets gave us a stern warning of things to come in our future if we keep trading with this slave nation...But first while it's still on my mind...

Barry Bonds beating Hank Arron's and Babe Ruth's Home Run Records. "Bullshit"!
Barry Bonds is a fuck'n drug cheat! And everyone knows it. Bonds should be kicked out'a baseball , not cheered when he steals a long-time undisputed home run record. He had direct ties with the the steroid manufacturer BALCO. The the money trail ties him with being a partner in the company! Sports Illustrated even writes about his ties with BALCO, in a very well reported story back in March of 2006. He not only used the drug, "The Clear", he helped in the formula by being it's case study. If Barry Bonds is Major League Baseball's "Home Run King"!? I'll say This...

Give Ben Johnson's Gold Medal Back!!!

And his life.

I've met Ben on numerous occasions, every time it's been a pure pleasure. He's a great guy. Unlike Bonds, Ben is a humble, soft spoken, light hearted, gentleman. I lived in the same town as Ben, Newmarket Ontario and frequented the same, ahh... places. His Ferrari with the license plate "983" was a well known landmark in town.

I've witnessed him in the presence of children at shopping malls and stores all around the town. The kids loved him. He'll always give a hug or an autograph. A great guy fer sure!

Ben was hung out to dry. He was used as a "Scape Goat" for drugs in sport. "The Dublin Inquiry", a modern day "Lynching", killed his career. Ben was given the wrong advise and came clean about his drug use. The governing body of this sham of a "Inquiry", promised Ben if he came clean he could clean up the sports name and help future "cheating". In fact drug use in sport has increased, not decreased in sports since his "Lynching". The cheaters just found newer and better ways to cheat, thanx to that fiasco!

Ben is financially fucked. While Bonds basks in the limelight and a billion dollar payday. Ben barely gets by. This kind'a lopsided, asinine logic is pure crap. If Ben Johnson was an "American" athlete he'd still be the "Fastest Man On Earth"!

To prove my point, take Carl Lewis.

He received Ben's medal after the doping results at Soul. Lewis tested positive for high testosterone, "Speed" and has been involved with "H.G.H." (human growth hormone) for years. He even tested positive in 1988, just months before the Seoul Olympics and the U.S. Track Meet!
Never has Carl Lewis been asked to give up his Olympic Medals. As a matter of fact after testing positive at the U.S.A.T.A. meet in the 1990's he filed a lawsuit at the governing bodies to reinstate him for the 1992 Olympics. They dropped the charges and he went to the games. Talk about "Bullshit"!

OK where's Ben now? I think he still lives in Newmarket, but I don't think he lives in the house in "Stonehaven"? He sold his Ferrari to pay his mortgage on the "Stonehaven" home. He also lost the home he bought for his Mother in Markham Ontario. The last time I heard about him he was promoting a "crappy" Japanese sports drink. That ad was so embarrassing. It made me cringe to see Ben Johnson, a one time great athlete and nice guy, subject to that to pay the bills.

I really feel for Ben. Not because he got caught, but because after he got caught he told the truth and continues to tell the truth, about drugs in Track And Field. If you look at the picture above you'll see four men at the finish line.

Carl Lewis - "Caught doping" - never gave up anything. All his records still stand and he still has all his medals.

Linford Christie - "Caught doping" - Has never given up anything including the tainted Silver Medal he received in Seoul.

Calvin Smith - "Caught doping" - Weeks prier too the Soul games, July of 1988, Smith was caught using performance enhancing drugs. Guess what? He still raced. Not only does he still have the the "piece-o-shit" bronze medal, he still says he was the only one not doping! Total Asshole!!!

Ben has gone on to say everyone at that starting line, in Soul, was doping. Ya know what? I believe him.

And that's the truth

Sa Later.


10 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

The Phosgene Kid said...

Crooked sports, who'd have thunk it. Hell, even the cyclists are whacked up to their eyeballs on enhancers (probably enzite). Funny, but boxing is almost starting to look like an honest sport!!

wallycrawler said...

You always see it as it is Kid. I think that's why I like ya!

UFC is cool, their all roid'd up too though.

Chicky Pea said...

And you know what they say, honesty is not always the best policy. Sad but true. I know firsthand.

~d said...

**My opinion has a tendency to piss people off. So I will just say g'day, wally! (SMILE)

wallycrawler said...

Yup Chicky some people hate the truth.

So I just smile and say g'day mate. And punch'em right in da head!


~d I'd never get mad at ya, fer sure!
I love conflict, I thrive on it. A good argument is the spice of life (sex too). It'll be good ta get all worked up ta'gether.

Where ya been anyway gal?

Ice said...

No post on whats-her-face's 82 minute stay in Jail?


wallycrawler said...

Naw she's unimportant, cause she's so ugly and all!

Now if Nicole had a nice figure and a cute bum, she'd be postable.

wallycrawler said...

Ice you gonna take your kids to the Barrie Fair on Saturday?

Anonymous said...

Yeah whatever you whiny bitch! Look at the lead Ben has on the other runners. All doping my ass!!!

Raphew said...

Ben Is the True GOAT I totally agree with the article check out my blog I back ben 100%