Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hungry ? Why ?

With obesity being what it is in North America . Is "McDonald's" to blame for our health problems in America or are they the easy target by liberal marketers . After reading "Fast Food Nation" and watching "Super Size Me" , I was torn . I know that fast food is anything but good for me , but is it a killer ? ...Yes , yes it is !

I've come to that conclusion not by seeing or reading documented fiction , cause that is what "FFN" & "SSM" are , fiction , I have come to this conclusion by observation . By watching my fellow workers . I've watched what they eat and what fitness level their at . Now I'm no doctor , nor am I a dietitian , but I have gone to chiefs school so I know a little about food and how it's processed and prepared . In the years in the restaurant business I can honestly say food is safer and healthier now than any other time in history . That's not saying eating at "Burger King" is healthy , anything but . In my layman's eye I have spotted compatriots consuming "McDonald's ", "Harvey's" "Wendy's" and the people who eat it daily or regular are in this category: "They're fat" ! "They are tubs of lard" !

Do you think those words are harsh ? I don't , I really like some of those guys and gals , but they have to realize they are being programed . They are being programed by the Orwellian ad agencies and the "New Media" . By making everyday consumers weight problems seem small when in reality they're MONSTERISH ! I'm not being fatuous here . There is heavy hitters out there paid to keep you fat . Highly paid "Fat Friends" , scum who come into your homes daily masquerading as friends or know-it-alls . All with the same message . "Your OK Being Fat , It's Normal" ! Don't believe me ? For example in the "New Media" we have both "Oprah" & "Doctor Phil" both over weight seeming successful people . These "Ugly American Media Hounds" are making "up-teen" amount of shows about youths wasting away with a mental disorders called "Bulimia" and "Anorexic" . When in fact young American youths are dieing of obesity related problems almost 200-1 . That's not to say anorexic isn't a serious disorder , it's is , but it's a rare disorder that can be treated by psychotherapy . When children or teens become thin , not emaciated , but thin , it's hardly "News Worthy" , unless your paid to make it "News" . I read , just yesterday about a young boy , 17 , dieing on the football field of a heart attack . He was over 280lbs . Do you think his parents thought he had a problem ? No ? I don't think they thought anything of it . Mainly because the whole family was over weight . We as a nation are sick , not only physically but mentally . These charlatans Oprah and that "Quack" Phil are giving Americans a sense of "OKness" about "carrying a few" . It's bullshit through and through . It's not "OK" to be fat . It's ugly and that's a honest response . Settle down if ya want bullshit go to another blog cause I'm not going to hold back . I know some of ya might be thinking "Att-oh... Old Wally here just went all Mel Gibson on us" ! No far from it . I have friends and family who struggle with weight and I love them . It's not that . It's because I want everyone to live a full , happy and healthy life . I think we have to stop mollycoddling "The Fat" and we have to stop mincing words . I think we must start using words like "It's killing you stupid" ! Or : " You look like shit"! Or : "Wake the fuck up . You have a fucking family that depends on you"! Or : "Your a fat slob , your breathing crazy and ya can't keep up" ! Or my favorite , "YOU ! YA YOU ! Your dieing ...and I love you" ! "Please don't die because I don't know what I'll do without you" !!!

We Americans and Canadians are not living in the real world . We have an eating addiction . The funny thing about this addiction isn't what we eat , it's when and how much we eat . I've witnessed these poor slobs furrow through their lunches bitching about their "new" diet . "I have ta eat this rabbit food, my doctor said I have hyper tension and high blood pressure and high cholesterol and I'm a million pounds over weight..." Blahh Blahhh Blahhh... Then they pick up their lunch boxes and they're 2' x 2' x2' red lunch boxes filled til overflowing . They pull out a salad that's 2lbs or more of food , add chicken and glop on 4-6ozs. of "Diet Rite" salad dressing . Did you ever here of "moderation" ? Here's another couple of words for ya "small portions" ! Here's the trick of eating and maintaining a healthy body , not a cut . 6 pack frame , but a healthy body that looks nice in slacks . QUIT FUCKING EATING SO FUCKING MUCH ! Eat meals or snacks 6 times a day . Doesn't matter when just space them out . Eat only when your hungry ! That's key . If your not hungry , DON"T EAT ! Chances are your body is telling ya something . Like ,eg : "I'M NOT HUNGRY , DON"T NEED TA EAT " ! Drink water . Not tap water that's shit ! Drink bottled R.O. water or buy a Reverse Osmosis water filter . When your feeling hungry between meals it's usually your body telling you , "I'm thirsty , drink" ! So drink , water , not sodas ! If you want to maintain your stealth form start a fitness program or sports program or walk or run or ride a bike or ride your wife ...Just start doing something and have fun . If ya have some fun you''l keep doing it . Or work your ass off like da Wallycrawler . That'll keep ya thin and lean or at least you'll look nice in slacks .

"The media is making us all pigs and feeding us swill" . Ya that would be way to easy . By blaming the "crack dealers", when it's us who are to blame . It's always easier to blame the "dealer" , but in reality it's the " junkie's " fault where "he's" at . Why is it in North America we always blame the other guy for our problems ? The courts are all full of frivolous law suits . Why can a man who smoked for over 20 years win a law suit over "Big Tobacco" ? Didn't he here of lung cancer and how smoking cigarettes causes it ? Of course he did and he didn't heed the warnings . So it's "The Marlboro Man's" fault ! That bastard sold me "Smooth Smoking Satisfaction" and now I've got an iron lung . "Pay Up Man" ! Ya I pointed fingers at the media . But in the end who the fuck are we kid'n ? We knew they were blowing smoke up ours asses . It was just easier to give in to our cravings . Who in their right mind would take advise from Oprah Winfrey ? Look it's OK to have a burger once and a while . That means monthly or less by the way ! In the past I've ended my blogs with "Let's change our spending habits" or something like that . This time it's a little different . Please let's change our eating habits . Lots'O'Love Da Crawler .

27 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Blonde Vigilante said...

I love you, Wally. What have we done to ourselves?

Toby said...

Not enough stamina to read all post(s).

Wally, have you seen "Honey?" I didn't watch it all the way through, I only watched about 15 minutes of it, but it stars Jessica Alba in her early days.

wallycrawler said...

I dunno Blondie ?

I wrote this post and dedicated to... myself . Three and a half years ago I hurt my back . At the time I was 6' and 190lbs, solid . Hardly any gut . Since I hurt myself my back is much better , better enough that I bought a new Harley , but my body has changed . I'm flabby and not as strong as before , I'm still 190lbs.though . This September I'm going to start back into weight training . This is something I haven't done for many a year , but I'm doing it .
I hate what I look like in my "Bikini" !

Hey Toby ! No I haven't seen that movie .
What do ya think ? Should I rent it , turn down the sound , turn up some tunes and enjoy ?

L>T said...

"Oprahs a charlatan & Phils a quack"
true & true!

I totally agree, 100% with what you are saying.
What breaks my heart is obese children. What a terrible thing to let happen to a kid.

The Phosgene Kid said...

The thing that really pisses me off is despite all the hoopla about how fat the general population is getting, just try and find some clothes that fit.

You should be thankful for fat asses like me - you can make fun of us all the live long day and no one can say a thing. Make a crack about someone’s religion or a remark about some female sheriff’s hooters and Katy bar the door. It's as if my being fat is like a friggin' public service.

wallycrawler said...

I>t you and I are on the same wavelength . I was at a theme park recently and was noticing what is happening to the next generation of children and teens . I'd say 25% of them are over weight and and good 10% or more are dangerously over weight . I didn't notice one child , or adult for that matter , being grossly under weight . I have met girls with that problem in the hospital when my daughter goes for treatment . That's not nice to see either .
It seems to me being fat is becoming , kind'a , overly excepted as normal . I think that is dangerous .

Hey waz up ? I will never make fun of people just because there fat . I will always make fun of religion and "Big Titted Cops" are my forte .
Naw I don't think fat people should be the "Butt" (get it) of all jokes , but hey that doesn't mean they get a free pass either .

As I wrote in this blog , I was trying to express to all close to us (me), that I don't want them to die and leave us . We need to freely express this point openly and honestly and not "candy coat" it . IF YOU ARE OBESE YOU WILL DIE , HORRIBLY ! IF YOU SMOKE YOU WILL DIE , HORRIBLY ! IF YOU 'CRANK' SPEED YOU WILL DIE , HORRIBLY ! IF YOU READ WALLYCRAWLER YOU WILL GET PISSED OFF , EVENTUALLY !

Keshi said...

goshh that foto lol!

Wally check my latest post if u wanna see my face ;-)


Keshi said...

hey tnxx for the compliments! but Jessica Alba is unbeatable in ur case ha ;-)


L>T said...

What i find weird is, it's not that complicated to raise childern that aren't fat. I figured out before i even had kids that if you don't keep certain bad food-stuff in the cupboards they won't have access to it.
Of course it usually comes down to the parents bad habits, doesn't it?
Or, there is the whole food=love or something like that...

Blonde Vigilante said...

I'm eating a salad today b/c of you.

Toby said...

I'm pretty sure if you rent it you'll want to turn the volume down.

wallycrawler said...

Keshi your a beautiful gal inside and out . Happy hunting . I wish I lived in Aussie-Land and I wasn't married and I was 10 years younger and alot richer .
Hell if I was all that I'd get Jessica Alba . Sorry Keshi !

I>t ya I know the "love me Daddy" thing . I dunno I think it's just easier to give into carvings than not .

Hey ya "Hot Blondie" ! I've seen your pics you look good ta me , but if ya want ta lose a few , good for you . Swim'n at that beach will keep ya fit and tan . There is nothing hotter than a blonde with a tan...ummmhmm !

Jessica here I come ! Thanx Toby !

Keshi said...

that photo is negative publicity for Mcs lol!

I dun eat junk food all the time..there's a limit to everything and anything. And if u know that limit, u cant get so fat :)


Keshi said...

**Hell if I was all that I'd get Jessica Alba . Sorry Keshi !

lol no probs :)


wallycrawler said...

You look fabulous and your doing a great job . Your a very beautiful young woman , that's for sure !

And we all eat that crap from time'ta'time .

Die Muräne said...

I drunk vodka instead of beer today. Just because of your post. hope it helps

wallycrawler said...

Pass da Absolut martini , please .

Keshi said...

oyeah we do...and I love Mac breakfast. YUMMMMMY!


Les said...

I think there is something to be said for self control. I think we all have that, it is whether we choose to exercise it or not.

Gyrobo said...

The anger I feel when I eat a slice of greasy pizza is nothing compared to the rage that burned through my veins after I saw Supersize Me.


L>T said...

I am really pissed, too!
can we cuss over here?
fuckity fuck, fuck, fuck.
fucking fat motherfuckers.
I feel better.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Ah, it is all from stress - no really, I saw it on a commercial.

wallycrawler said...

Les I love ta exercise but I never have time .

Gyrobo don't put to much into that sodo-documentary . If he wanted too he could have eaten a lot healthier at McDonald's . He chose to eat the shit on the menu and drink sodas when RO water was available . Again that wouldn't have given him any of "real" results he wanted . Now that's not saying I think McDonald's is a great company with our best interest in mind either .


Hey Kid stress is the reason for most people losing it . Yesterday I almost left work after a yelling match with a fellow employee . He is a good guy too ! He was wrong but it didn't mean I could act like an idiot towards him . After lunch I apologized and he forgave me , thankfully ! I have way too much stress with the job lately . The fuck'n reason I took this shitty job so I wouldn't get any stress and not take the job home with me .

wallycrawler said...

Keshi the only thing I like on the McDonald's menu , is the breakfast menu !

The first time I ate a McGriddle I feel in love . LOL .

Really I'll eat a McMuffin , juice and coffee once a month or so !

MG said...

Why is it that people like you ALWAYS miss the point?

Do you think your nearest and dearest are so stupid that they don't KNOW that they are killing themselves overeating? Do you ever stop to think WHY they continue to overeat in such a fashion? They do it for the same reason people get high on drugs or booze; they eat to cope with problems. I am not saying that it is a good way to cope with problems, it isn't. However, it is preferable to causing a road traffic accident while high or drunk, stealing with or without menaces for the next fix, killing or causing injury, damage or worry to innocent people, for instance. Fat people already subject to a constant barrage of criticism, both subtle and unsubtle as you suggest and all it does is send them straight to the refridgerator for another 'fix' for their damaged ego.

The things you are suggesting here are likely to end in some poor demented fat person doing the unthinkable - going mad with an axe or a gun instead of bingeing away their worries and hurts.

wallycrawler said...

MG I'm not talk'n about the mentally ill , I'm talk'n about over-weight Americans . Big difference . Sounds like you may need some help . I'm not be'n an idiot , smart mouth here . Maybe talk to someone . I'm sure they'll listen .

I just don't think people who eat to much are gonna go on a kill'n spree , do you ? Hope not !

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