Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"King Of Da Assholes" !

www.filmstripinternational.com <-Asshole

www.filmstripinternational.com/filmstrips.php <-Asshole

www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2724944 <- A Pissed Asshole

I thought I was a huge asshole , but this guy takes the cake !

I hate this fuck'n retard , but ya gotta hand it to him , he never has changed . I guess once an asshole always an asshole .

7 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Blonde Vigilante said...

There has never been a truer statement than that. He's so dumb and cute he should be caged and put in a zoo like the other monkeys that can suck their own dicks.

The Taker of Gist said...

I think it's inspiring that people of any level of intelligence can find work in America.

L>T said...

That picture cracked me up. Falling off my chair, peeing my pants, funny!

I can't say I hate him anymore then any other politician, tho.

Gyrobo said...

He seems quite spoilt.

Keshi said...

u hate the politician in him mate :)


Keshi said...

**Today I buy my "new" (used) Harley Davidson . A 1200 Sportster . The bike's a beauty , she is sexy !

Good on ya mate and good luck with it! :)


Die Muräne said...

i love this "I thought, I was a huge asshole, but..."-stories!