Friday, April 21, 2006

"Spring Has Sprung" !

So I guess ya figured I've been kinda avoiding the ol' blog lately . And yer right ! It's spring and I just haven't had time to post or write or think . The wife has me work'n all around the house , build'n and shit (Witch!) The kid and I will be playing & swimming at the park soon and I'll be ogling da chicks at the beach . So I think I'll just shut her down a bit during the summer months . I have a post almost ready so I'll post that soon ( I hope ) and then I'll just hang around now and then . Maybe make some comments when the sun isn't shin'n or someth'n and then get back to it next October , ya know in the fall .

It's been a great first 6 months . I've been chastised by a Fox news staffer , threatened by a Scientologist , called a liberal freak , told I was a pig by a "thirtysometing" student , I've had some people call me every name in the book...So it's been a very successful endeavor so far and it's been loads of fun , so thank you all very much !

So I wish you all a very happy Spring and Summer . I'll be around , just not as much .
Da Wallycrawler .

Thanx to Die Murane for being my first real comment ! Also to all the other bloggers who have made me laugh , think and argue . Thanx everyone !

10 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Die Muräne said...

Hey Wallycrawler, you really rock!

I'll always keep an eye on your blog 'till you're back, mate.
Thanks for all the fun and for your posts. many times it gave me a cool "new view" on america, which was always very important to me!! Thanks for that.
Have fun with the kids and the "witch"! lol.
cu die muraene

Die Muräne said...

My first comment here was "good stuff, man"... and I still can say the same! Respect!

btw: the first comment on my blog was a guy from Spain who wrote "Peazo Mierda tííiiiio !!! " - "you piece of shit". Oooh yeah!

workin' for da man too said...

I agree with DM ... "good stuff man".
You have style Wally, but more importantly you also have substance and are not afraid to show it. I will miss your always interesting views on life, the universe, and everything. It's been a great ride for us fans too! I look forward to the future (hope it rains a lot this summer ... just kidding). Enjoy my man. You and the family deserve it.

L>T said...

Yes, duty calls. I spent the day today out in the garden pulling weeds & stuff.

I found your blog attractive from the first time ever I saw your face...tra, la, la, (I just watched, 'Play Misty For Me')

I'll be lurking around. >:}

wallycrawler said...

Thanx Guys and Gals .

I love "Play Misty For Me" ! I remember seeing that movie back in the 70's . That was the original "Fatal Attraction" . Clint was so good in that movie . Great Film !

I should do what's your favorite movie theme . I think mines "Goodfellas" or "Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid " .

Ranando said...


I my life, it's always Spring & Summer...

Keshi said...

aww ur gonna be away Wally? me gonna miss ya... :*(


F.J. Delgado said...

i've always loved the Godfather theme.. or maybe the Indiana Jones theme... regardless, your blog kicks ass and I'm glad you posted so much during the boring, coldass months.

hope you keep checking our site out, and I hope you post more regularly than you plan on... take her easy!

saby said...

Die Murrane !

dis guy is all over blogland

Die Muräne said...

yeah, Saby, I'm a real pest!