Saturday, November 07, 2009

"D'oh"... Australians Think Britney Spears Lip-Synchs?

Even before the curtain has risen on the Australian leg of Britney Spears' Circus tour, the U.S. pop performer has already become embroiled in a local furor over lip-synching. A debate about entertainers who lip-synch or mime their performances to pre-recorded music has broken out, tied to Spears arriving Down Under for a 15-concert stint beginning with a pair of shows in Perth on Friday and Saturday. After reports emerged that Spears would be lip-synching in her tour's shows — for which ticket prices range from $97 Aus. up to $1,475 for VIP seating — even the government has weighed in on the debate. New South Wales Fair Trading Minister Virginia Judge has suggested that a law be enacted to impel performers who use pre-recorded music in their performances to carry a disclaimer on their tickets and not be allowed to bill the performances as "live." Australians will not tolerate a "Mickey Mouse performance," Judge told Sydney's Daily Telegraph, referencing the singer's stint on the The All New Mickey Mouse Club TV show as a child. "Let's be clear — live means live," said Judge, who is also the minister assisting the premier on the arts. "If you are spending up to $200 Aus., I think you deserve better than a film clip."

'Let's be clear — live means live...If you are spending up to $200, I think you deserve better than a film clip.'

—Virginia Judge, NSW Minister

Consumer groups have argued that not disclosing lip-synching in concerts equates to misleading advertising. Fans deserve to know what they were paying for, says Consumer Affairs Minister Tony Robinson of the Victorian Legislative Assembly. "We believe it is good business practice for concert promoters to make it clear to consumers before they buy tickets whether the performer will be miming, and make this clear on advertising, posters and other promotional materials," he told the Herald Sun.


Wa? She lip-synchs? Who would'a thunk?

Now wa ya gonna tell me? Micheal Jackson lip-synchs? Madonna lip-synchs? "What?!" "They Do?" Or did?

Shit I feel like that first Christmas when my big mouthed, adopted, Vietnamese neighbor kid told me that there wasn't any Santa Claus. Bitch, had'ta ruin it for me! That's OK, she let me play doctor on her. "...clic clic". "OH YA"!

"Not fer you dumbass"!

Australia is the single stupidest nation on Earth. Great look'n people mind ya, but real empty upstairs! Who cares what Britney Spears does during her show? Do they post notices that Wrestling is fake out side of arenas and on tickets? "What they do???" They do? Yup they do! This is a nation that has to be told they are watching something that is fake. They even expose magicians. That's true, they expose magicians as tricksters. MAN ARE THEY DUMB! They have'ta tell audiences that the Magician isn't actually cutting da woman in half. "Ahh... Gawd..Golly...."

My wife loves to travel and wants to take me to "Da Land Down Under". I'm not so sure 'bout that? I thought da English were dumb enuff. I don't even want to think about hang'n around with people who can't pronounce "Hello". "elow dar mate". I've partied with people from all over da world. People from da USA are da best party'rs in da world, no doubt about it, da best. Except for one region. I can bet every person from da U.S. knows who I'm talk'n about right? Texans. The single most annoying bloated ego in da land! Hideous people! Who's worse? Who's worse than a bloated, drunk'n ass from Texas? That's right. A fuck'n Australian! A bandy legged, stale smoke smelling, toothless Englishman can seem like a genius next to a big headed, over tanned, pompous Australian. But like a big dog they can be very loyal. They can be trained to do da simplest taskes, like hold a gun, shoot and fire. Plus they're strong as ol'beat'hell. Stupid and strong. Great combo during warfare. That's why whenever there's a fight to be had, there's an Aussie, put'n up his dukes. "Cum on, cum on". They're always da first to lose too. They've never quite figured out how not to lead with their chin. Dumb as all get'out. This is a country that brags about have'n da most caualties during the 1'st and 2'nd World Wars. Who brags about losing the most men? Australia that's who. I would think if you lost the lest amount of men during war, that would be da victory? Not to an Aussie, nope. "Wee Losed Da Most"...

Anyway.. I got off topic... Hey Britney if you wanna show your backside and lip-synch a few numbers come to Canada. We wont embarrass you as a fraud and a no tallent.

Wally Oot!

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