Monday, October 08, 2007

Gold In Dem San Fransisco Hills!

Don't Forsake Her.

Marion Jones has finally came clean about her steroid use. She has given a heart felt apology. Marion should be forgiven and now listen too. Don't do what was done to Ben Johnson after he stood up and told the truth. I understand she is bankrupt. Her former manager embezzled millions of her dollars.

I will say one thing though..."Told ya so"!
Now it's time to go after the biggest Track and Field cheat...
Carl Lewis.

"Balco" <--- Info Here.

10 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Die Muräne said...

A very good friend of me was on the world top as a Junior in cycling. He had to stop because he didn't want to dope and you CAN'T get any further there without. So he always says: Don't believe ANYONE who's up there and says he/she's not on doping. It's the shocking truth.
So I think it's no need to judge. They're all the SAME.

TK Kerouac said...

I've gone private
if you'd like an invite
my email is

wallycrawler said...

Hey DM. Yup your right! I just hate the hypocrisy that comes along with the steroid use. We need more honest athletes, like Marion and Ben. Even though they were forced to come out. The one that comes to mind now that you write about cycle'n is, "Mr. Nut Cancer", Lance Armstrong. I even Googled "Nut Cancer guy" and his name pops up 1st., funny! He's so full'o'shit! AND A HUGE JUICER!!!

I'd like to tell ya a story about my past Track and Field experiences and maybe I'll write about it. I'll give ya a hint..I knew about Charlie Francis. I ran and long jumped for a major track team in the Toronto area...Enough said.


OK Tracey I'll be over ta visit. Thanx Minxie!

Ice said...

Hi :)

wisdomstuff said...

Okay, what is the trick for posting utube videos on your blog? I need to be educated.

wallycrawler said...

My dear Ice Princess, where ya been? I really missed you! Don't do that again, OK?
If your gonna take-off tell me where your go'n so I wont be so worried, OK?


OK Wise-One It's easy.
1st. go to "You Tube" and add a membership. B) when you join it will ask for a blog site. 3) Search for your video. When you find one ya like under the video it will say "Post Video" or sumthin like that. Four- Your done it will automatically post on your blog.

Oh ya, you can add "new" titles and maybe write sumthin if ya want too.

The Phosgene Kid said...

This keeps going on the US will have to start a Hall of Fame for Cheaters. It'd fill up faster...

wallycrawler said...

Ya Kid. We Canadians never cheat!!!

So it'll just be yous'guys and da Chinese in dat "Hall Of Shame"!

Oh ya them Germans too...and da Russians ya can't trust those former Commies that's fer sure...Hey isn't a Jamaican The "World Record holder in the 100m" now? Fuck that fucker is a "JUICER" fer sure! Fuck it, just give all the medals to the non-cheat'n Canucks.

Toby said...

A cheater is a cheater. There are so many things that have "steroids" in them now. I used to have dishydretic eczema and I used a cream that was a steroid. Luckily that just goes away midlife, the docs don't no why. But, I used to get poison ivy just by looking at it when I was a kid. I had it so bad a few times the doc prescribed prednisone to me, which is a steroid. It wasn't to enhance my athletic ability, it was to dry the poison ivy up with the quickness. Marion admitted and gave up her medals so quick I have to believe she knew what she was doing.

Barry Bonds????????????????? I hate baseball, but when will that ass get caught or admit?

wallycrawler said...

Barry Bonds did get caught Toby. He was caught in the same sting that Marion Jones is involved in, the "Bay Area Laboratory Co-opertive", or "Balco". The manufacturer of "The Clear".

Major League Baseball will not punish him in fear of a large lawsuit. Bonds has said publicly that if he is implemented in anyway he will file a suit. The main reason of a lawsuit would be that "MLB" didn't have a drug enforcement rule until quite lately. That's why, Jose Canseco, Mark Mcguire, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds...Who all used the "Balco" labs for performance enhancing drugs, will never lose any of their records. It was technically legal to use them in "MLB", but a felony crime in the U.S. to use or sell them.

Weird eh? Kind'a
"Catch 22" with massive muscles!

I'm gonna post up a "link" to explain the associations of "Balco" with sport the the U.S.

I in no way think there isn't a lab like "Balco" in every country in the world, or think "Balco" is the only steroid manufacturer in the "Free World". They just had the best product at the time. They got sloppy in who they hired and were caught, that's all!