Sunday, September 16, 2007

I See, I See O.J.

And A Baba Booey Ta Ya All!

6 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

tkkerouac said...

doesn't OJ have his "tit in the wringer now"

wallycrawler said...

OJ is the typical "sociopath", he thinks he's above the law!

I love this phony phone call. It is probably the "best phony phone call ever"... It was done by I guy named "Ponce De La Phone", a Howard Stern fan. He gave up do'n these types of gags after this bit. He said I could never do a better gag so he gave it up. Also his wife told him to.

concerned citizen said...

Baba booey to you wally!

The problem with the O.J. saga is that it is difficult for most people to see beyond the media hype...he has in a sense been created like a Greek god. I have a feeling he can't see beyond that himself. But of course there is a basic human being buried in there, as there is in all mythical heroes & villains. Television is just an extension of the Greek stage in this case.
It's a comedic tragedy, I guess.

Elmo said...

Y'all Chickenhawks to Me - by Elmo (MP3)

(If you have trouble with the link, right click and "save target as")

wallycrawler said...

Hey C/C waz up gal? Your come'n around a lot again and I'm glad!

Just ta start, grow'n up in the Southern Ontario area. The Buffalo Bills were my favorite team and of coarse OJ was my favorite player. I wanted to say that. He was an idol of mine as a teenager.

That analogy of OJ is right on. I agree with that media has a way of make'n money on personal tragedy. Shit they have since the dawn of America. They made pulp novels on "Billy the Kid" and "Wild Bill". In reality they were nothing but a penny anti-criminal and a salesman.
The thing about this story though is OJ is a criminal and walk'n around like he's some kind of anti-hero. Hopefully this "dud-star" will get his day in court and fall off the face of the earth in a dark cold cell. That's where he belongs.

I read a bit about the "Sociopathic" personality just latley and OJ has the traits of a "sociopath". Good ridance to him!


Elmo that was a good Billy Joel re-make. Poignant and funny.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Best thing is to just ignore the bitch. Without all this attention he'll dry up and blow away.