Sunday, September 23, 2007

Finally A Major News Magazine Gets It Right!

This article about how America has become the
"New" Bath Party Is right on the mark.

Read The Macleans
Magazine article-> here

16 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

concerned citizen said...

that's an interesting link. I am always curious about what our friends in the north think. when I started running away from home at age 13 one of the first places I ended up in was a safe house in Portland, Ore. for Viet Nam draft dodgers. Canada was presented as the real "Land of the Free" I've never quite gotten over that concept. & look here it's coming up again. :)

Toby said...

Never thought about it as Bush being the new Saddam, but it's right on the mark.

concerned citizen said...

I went back & read as much of the article as I could stomach...Iraq is fucked up...that's all I can think. It had to of been fucked up before we got it's fucked up even more.

wallycrawler said...

Miss C/C your right in assuming Canada does have more freedoms than the US, at this time! In the past it was the USA that had that "world title". It's funny that you said that though because I just read an article that said just that. Canada was 3rd. in the world in free speech. Behind the Netherlands and Norway. The US was way down that list since the Bush administration enforced the "Patriot Act".
We Canadians are very close to losing our rights here to. We have a Prime Minister that's right in with Ol'George. If he had it his way (he doesn't because we have a minority government) he would impose that same act here!


Toby it was magazine cover that really hit a nerve in the US Government. I must admit it was a huge statement that was done to sell magazines, but the article did have some great points. The one point that wasn't mentioned much, or all, was the "Bath Government" in Iraq was put in place by the US government under Ronald Reagan and the CIA, that was formally under the then Vice-President George Bush Sr.
Ya see it was always was a US run country until the "Kuwait Invasion". Which in my humble opinion was "Bullshit". Iraq had the right to take Kuwait back by force, because it was Iraqi soil in the first place. Again it was a CIA run Media scam!!!

concerned citizen said...

Do you have a link to that article? I'd like to read it.

I was just on an atheist blog where some Canadian atheists were complaining about a certain kind of religious political correctness in Canada. It stemmed from this article In the U.S. the religious right are the ones most solidly behind Bush & his "righteous" politics both home & abroad. Canadians need to be careful that their freedoms aren't hi-jacked by religious fear-mongers .

BTW, the concept of & implications of Canada's minority government is really interesting.

jillie said...

I see the likeness...separated at birth maybe?

wallycrawler said...

Sorry C/C I can't find that article. I read it on news site, I tried to find it again and it was gone. It's probably on a news wire somewhere? It was a short piece that came from a magazine. Now which mag is it? If I find it I'll send it to ya.

And ya our government is controlled by mind freaks from the Conservative Mid-West (Alberta) there is some pretty strange Fascists in that neck of the wood fer sure and our Prime minister is part of it. Neo-Fascists-With-Oil-Money.

Sounds familiar doesn't it!

wallycrawler said...

No Jillie I think those two were hatched!

Toby said...

I don't even play on TV a middle east expert. Explain how Iraq had a right to invade Kuwait? I'm very aware of the British along with the American gov creating the state of Iraq, dividing up Persia (Mesopotamia) way back in the 30's when oil was found there. I'm very aware of making of some crap ass government that led to Saddam coming to power. I'm very aware of the US gov's involvement in the Iran, Iraq war where the US gov gave Saddam even more power. But, I'm lost when it comes to Kuwait. Fill me in.

Toby said...

By the way, I had a great course in school called "ancient western civilizations" and the class centered on Mesopotamia and the fertile crescent. As I'm sure you know, the peoples of that area have been killing each other since almost the beginning of time. Oil or no oil, the only way you and I can stopped being killed these days is to reduce our dependence on their oil.

Die Muräne said...

do you also have a link to this "15 bitchy women take a hike"-story on the top right?

wallycrawler said...

Hey Toby. That statement was kind'a thrown out there wasn't it? Well it was a flippant statement!

That region has been divided up a million times. I wont go back before the "Ottoman Empire". Fuck that! That region has had a million different rulers and of which has had their own agenda. From oil, to spices, to region, to port...The one fact is they have always been in turmoil and the west has made out like bandits imposing one dictator to another.

The British have installed at lest two different governments in the last 100 years.

I'll only go back to Saddam's era.

Besides Kuwait paying Iraq for protection from Iran during the 70's and 80's. They made inside deals with the British oil companies for drilling inside the Iraqi border and side drilling under the boarder. Stealing oil from Iraq. They were warned repeatedly in the media and in the UN to stop or suffer the consequences. The funny thing was the US government at first was in Saddam's corner. That didn't last long when the Arab's , the US and British oil companies forced their hand. You know the rest of the story... From the propaganda reports (that still exists today)to the conflicted reporting...

The fact is that war started from theft and the next one is no exception.

Persia should be one again. Now how to do that without a mass "Civil War" will be very tricky.

As for being dependent on foreign oil. That's media hype. Most of your gasoline, like 80%, comes from Canada. The "Sweet Crude Oil" is used for plastics, not gasoline or oil products for cars, buses, trucks...

Oh ya Canada has the second largest oil deposits in the world. Do you know where the largest is?...Russia. The middle east oil is used out'a connivance that's all!

tkkerouac said...

We have the same dollar now though Wally.

wallycrawler said...

Hey D/M! Ya you can click on that page too! LOL.

I think my wife is one of those bitchy women too!


Yup Minxy the "dullar" am on par! More reason to stop buying foreign goods. Now sell that Honda and buy a G6. Safer, made in Canada and the workers get a proper wage!


The Phosgene Kid said...

Not a good fit. Bush bathes regularly and is too short to hump camels. Also Saddam's neck is much longer these days.

tkkerouac said...

Gawd Phos kill me
time to turn Wally
so you won't burn