Sunday, July 15, 2007

People I'll Miss At Da Depot

Wayne is a mans man . A former military guy .
He's a very smart man with a warm heart .
Rob is a former marketing man .
He's got a great nature and a fantastic sense of humour .

Melanie has a bright future as an artist or in the arts .

Fred is a new friend , hopefully he'll do great in H-VAC .

Mary Ellen has her hands full .
She has to deal with all the brain-trust .

I've got HUGE respect for Ken . A very smart guy .

Ken really helped me out when my daughter was just diagnosed as diabetic . Ken's daughter is also . His calming nature and talks kept me sane the first three months or so .

James is da Depots "Good Guy" . He and his wife help

foster children . He also keeps two jobs on the go .

Sue is a good buddy . She invited Tibor , Stacey and myself to her wedding . That was a great honour to attend . Thanx Sue ! I'll really miss you . I love you and your warm sensitive nature .

Alex helped me out when we talked about his son and my daughter being diabetic . He's a good guy .

Indira cleaned up all my mistakes on special orders .

She also kept up with all the orders when our store was the crown jewel of Home Depot Canada .
J.D. is a true character .

Rick deserves the best in life .

She's my good friend . Ill miss her most of all .

Denise has a great future in design .

She's a very bright young woman .

We'll have lunch ...Soon , K ?

He's is very knowledgeable guy .

A very smart guy .

I Received A Great Go'n Away Present .

A Harley Davidson Ride'n Shirt .

Thanx Guys & Gals .


Stacey F. - I'll see ya around , but I wanted to say thanx for everything you did for me and my family in the last seven years .

Tibor - We're best buds . See ya at the "new" job .

Teresa - Your do'n a great job . One of the few .

Mark - The store misses your knowledge .

Melissa & Jeff - Good luck with your life together .

Jo Anne - You were Da Depot , Back stage .
Rolando - Fuck man your in the movie business now !
What the fuck ? You to big for us dude ??? Give me a buzz and don't get all Hollywood on us !

Pat , Jane , Darlene , Sue G , Joe , Liam ...I'll miss all of'ya .
Sa Later Da Wallycrawler .

8 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Die Muräne said...

Love that post! Cool way to say goodbye.
These guys look like fun ;)

Chicky Pea said...

Am I allowed to say Wayne is a good looking guy? Oh, who cares if I am or not, Wayne is a good looking guy. Sounds like you are leaving a very good bunch of people.

Ice said...

Does Tony not do the deliveries anymore on the truck? He was funny!!!

I don't recognize any of them anymore... I used to know 'em all too... then again, that was 8years ago.

Ice said...

I didn't work there, my ex did.

wallycrawler said...

Die Murane , they are the best ! & thanx dude .


Chicky , I think Wayne wouldn't mind if ya thought he was hawt .
My "new" job will take me back to this store about every 10 days or so . I'll be in touch soon .


Hey Ice baby , this is the Newmarket store not the Barrie store . So I guess that's why ya don't recognize this people . The Barrie store is very good too !

The Phosgene Kid said...

What a great bunch - gave you a nice shirt, looks as though they'll miss you as well!!

Ice said...

*that would be a good reason why, Stephen... you're right ;)

So when my kid flushes a comb down the toilet, I can call you for a "special" rate...(I'll flash ya!) Plus Tip! ;)


wallycrawler said...

Thanx Kid & ya they are a great bunch !

That's a deal , fer sure Ice Princess !!!