Thursday, September 14, 2006

My Favorite Place In The World Is...

The Florida Keys .

My Wife And I Were Married At Hemingway House

In Key West .

Six Toed Cats .

So Wheres Your Favorite Place In The World ?

P.S. I just watched the movie "The Bridge" and suggest if you have a hour watch it . "Bridge Movie" <- Click here . It's a pretty good look at the way Scientology works , from recruitment , E-meters , controlling techniques , to the ridiculous Xenu revealing .

Sa Later Da Wallycrawler .

Here's A Great Song From The Most Influential And One One The Least Familiar Bands Of The Ninety's Catherine Wheel . Enjoy .

15 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Die Muräne said...

I'm sure I would love the keys more than everything ;)

wallycrawler said...

Ya I know !

It just feels like home , that's all .

Toby said...

The farthest south I've been is Miami. We were supposed to go to Key Wet, but my friend was afraid to drive over the long bridges.

My favorite attraction of all time is Crater Lake in Oregon and my favorite place to spend time is anywhere in the North West.

Les said...

Wally - I was in Key West this past May. I even bought a KW sticker for my car. I really did like it down there. It's so quaint. My all time favorite place so far is New Orleans. I love it there. I always said I would move there in a minute. I would have to reconsider after last year. KW actually has alot of the same feel to it as New Orleans. Great choice.

wallycrawler said...

Toby I was stunned by the pictures of Crater Lake in Southern Oregon . Truly spectacular ! Words really can't do it justice .

I've only had limited time in the North West . British Columbia , Washington , Oregon and Northern California . We traveled there when I was in my teens . My wife and I plan on a Cross Canada/Cross USA trip . I've got to put Crater Lake as a must stop for sure .

Les I have been to New Orleans back in 1989 on my way to Super Bowl in Miami . We had a blast . I hope that city will come back and be what it was before . Unfortunately the "Man" in the "White House" didn't and still doesn't care what happens to New Orleans .
Ya Key West does have the same feeling as New Orleans . Key West
has a more of a "small townish" atmosphere than Orleans and maybe more "artsy" . New Orleans is more musical . It's definitely a arts community like San Francisco and both are big party towns .If I had a buck for all the times I've been wasted on Duval Street . I'd have enough money ta get wasted on Duval Street again !

I almost bought property in Marathon Key in the 80's . Marathon has all I want in a place to live .

Cezi said...

Never been to Key I want to go so bad, maybe next summer.

I missed a few of your're very handsome Wally :)

wallycrawler said...

Cezi , I rarely blush , but I am now !

You would be a perfect fit in Key West . You will love the artist community and the after hours fun .

See ya there maybe ?

L>T said...

Great post as my daughter & her boyfriend are in the keys, now. I've never been there.

Crater Lake & the Northwest, Yay! I live in the pacific Northwest I've been to crater lake many truely is awesome.
My favorite place is Venice beach, California I love the board walk & the graffiti artists.

wallycrawler said...

I>t I knew you lived in the Northwest I just didn't know where ? So you've been to Crater Lake . The pictures of that lake are phenomenal . I'm very jealous of you and Toby .

Bostick said...

The keys are my favorite place in the world also. All that lobster never gets old

Gyrobo said...

In some parts of Maine, it's illegal to feed prison inmates too much lobster.

This law has been on the books for hundreds of years, due to the fact that lobster was considered a filthy commoner food by the people of Maine, who could easily grab a lobster from the shoreline on the way home from work.

How times have changed.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Florida is nice, but I miss Italy

wallycrawler said...

Hello Bostick ! If you've been there , ya know and ya know . Love that lobster too !

Gyrobo that was a great piece of American Folk Lore . Thanx !

Kid , my wife and I will visit Europe in the next few years . We both want to go to Italy . Florance in the Tuscany area and Venice are both high on our list .

wallycrawler said...

don't like 13

L>T said...

wally; I'm not one to promote my own blog(or am I?) anyway, I want you to see my latest post. it reminds me of your post-it notes. please come & look.