Saturday, January 15, 2011


And da Nominees Are?...

Christopher Nolan's Amazing Film.
This Movie Will Win The Academy Award For Best Picture.
But Is It Wally's Best Picture?

"Hot Tub Time Machine"
This Is Easily dA Best Comedy Of dA Year.
Can It Be My Favorite Movie? Maybe?

dA Most Surprising Movie Ride This Year.
This Film Kicks-Ass From Beginning To End.
A Cross Between Spider-Man And A Japanese Samurai Action Flick.

"True Grit"
dA Coen Brother's Remake Of A Classic Western
With Jeff Bridges Take'n dA Reigns.
I Love The Coen Brothers Mix Of Homage To dA Original Film And Storyline Of dA Novel.
This Movie Is Made For da Big Screen Spectacular Scenery.

"The Fighter"
Marky Mark Proves He's Fer Reals.
A True Story That Rivals "Raging Bull" And dA Original "Rocky".
Mark Wahlberg And Christian Bale Are da Best Actors This Year.

To Me It Came Down To Two Movies.
"Inception" And da Underrated Movie "Kick-Ass".

"Inception" is visually and mentally spellbinding. The first time I seen it I said it was easily da best movie this year. It takes you on a ride that leaves you thinking for days rather than hours.
It's a masterpiece...
 And it will win every award for best picture this year.... Except for mine.

My Pick For Best Movie In 2010 Is...?

This Is dA best Movie Of 2010 In Wally-Land.

"Kick-Ass" Will Have Ya Hooked In da First Three Minutes Of da Film.
Then It's A Series Of Surprising Scenes. Just When You Think da Film Wont Go There... It Takes You There And Beyond.
If You Think 'Kick-Ass" Is A Kids Movie? It's Not. Do Not Let Your Kids Watch It.  That's A Warn'n!This Movie Is Ultra, Ultra Violent. "Kick-Ass" Switches From Comic Book Theme To Ultra Real Bloodletting Quickly, Then To A Quirky Humour.
The Movie Is Like A Marvel Comic Hero Movie If Quintin Tarantino Was Directing.
This Film Is A Roller Coaster Ride!
Enjoy "Kick-Ass". I Know You Will.

Wally OOT!

4 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Cocaine Princess said...

I saw Inception- like everyone else at the movie theater when it ended I asked: "So, was it all a dream?"

Hot Tub Time Machine: I recently saw it! Too funny!!

wallycrawler said...

See I do know somethin.

Now get some popcorn, a big screen & watch "Kick-Ass".

Your Hawt!

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen any of them. I watch very little tv and never seem to make it to the movies. I'm a bit of an oddity in this day and age. Give me a good book any day.

wallycrawler said...

Jaguar I'm always read'n, watch'n or have'n conversation. I do it all at da same time. I'm a pure multitasker. I'll be read'n something on da computer while watch'n TV, plus talk to my buds on MSN. Sometime I even have cyber sex while do'n all that at da same time.

Books are cool I learned how to sight read when I was 6. I also took Reading Dynamics when I was high school. I only enjoy read'n true crime novels and my wife doesn't like then hang'n out in da bathroom.
So what I'm say'n is... If my mind isn't stimulated fer at lest 18 hours a day I go crazy!!!