Sunday, April 03, 2011

Why Bret Hart Is da Best Wrestler Ever: Wrestlemania 13 Hero to Heel.

Wrestlemania Is Here: Lets look at the best match ever at "The Event":

The Rock, The Bulldogs, Owen, Edge, Christian... Thousands of other Wrestling Stars came to Bret's father to either hone their skills or learn the ways of professional wrestling. All those men, and maybe more, thought Bret was the best they've ever seen. Not just as a mat man but as a guy who made them look great! Plus Bret never ever hurt one guy. They all went home to their families uninjured,

That was the problem with Hulk who never made anyone, except himself look good. Plus he had no idea how to pull up without making his moves look fake, Same with Rick Flair he looked fake just walking in the ring. He had the exact same moves match in match out. "Slap chop-faceplant-figure four."
The Greatest wrestlers of our time Macho, Steamboat, Rocky, Undertaker, Mick Foley, Rick Rude, Kurt Hennig, Steve Austin... etc...These guys all thought Bret was the best to dance with because they all looked fantastic doing their jobs. They trusted Bret that he would "sell" everything they gave and he would "Go Over" for them.

Bret "Going Over" For Shawn.
da Hitman "Selling" for Stone Cold.

That, my friend, is why Bret Is: the Best There Was, The Best There Is... & THE BEST THERE EVER WILL BE!
Bret Hart The Greatest Wrestler Ever.

9 Don't Just Sit There Say Sumthin !:

Heff said...

Bret "The Shitman" Shart is still alive ?

wallycrawler said...

Yuppers. And still make'n waves.

His book HITMAN: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling is probably the best biography of professional wrestling out there today. It's a book that tells it as he sees it and how the industry went from circus tents to huge shows. It also chronicles the backstage hyjinxs and lows. Including drugs, HGH and steroids use.
There's homage payed to the greats like Hulkster, The Giant, Macho, Dynamite... His biggest respect goes to his Dad Stu & his brother Owen.
Stu has trained the best wrestlers on this day and yesterday. He was a legend in da industry.

TK Kerouac said...

George St.Pierre is the number one UFC champion!

wallycrawler said...

Yup. But not da heavyweight champ. Just a Welterweight. He's just a lil' guy. A Tough lil guy fer sure thou!

Bret was a major threat in da Canadian Olympic team in da 70's until he went pro for his father. Then he couldn't. To bad. Tough, tough guy! Not to many guys would f' with him.

Heff said...

Speaking of "tough", I see you've discovered "Carry Manchester", lol !!!

Cocaine Princess said...

Big fan of wrestling. I was sad to learn of Edge's retirement. I really wish they would go ahead and announce who the Anonymous GM is already-- the story is dragging out.

turd furguson said...


wallycrawler said...

Cocaine I don't watch anymore I get bored fast. But I did watch this years Wrestlemania. It was OK.
I love those legs!


Turd that was a great match. I loved it, still do!

But Bret and Steve was the best match at Wrestlemania. Macho and Steamboat second best.

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